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Cote Restaurant Internal Promo
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Nigel Rogers is an award winning, creative and innovative DOP currently working across drama, documentary and corporate films. Nigel is a former advertising art director/creative director who has worked for many of the UK top 100 companies and multi nationals including Coca Cola, Lloyds Bank, City of Westminster, First Choice and many more.


You stand out by being extraordinary.


I can both extensively plan or just turn up and shoot. I am open and flexible to different ways of working.

I can do the one man production crew scenario but part of the joy is working with others and collaborating so depending on what you want to achieve I have crew members who can come onboard as required.

Specialist Skills/Knowledge

Aerial: This includes permission for aerial work from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, similar permissions/exemptions are obtainable for overseas work. I can fly both unmanned aerial systems and handheld gimbals. And yes just as happy on a tripod.

Lighting: Since contemporary cameras shoot in very low light, the skill of lighting is now freed to focus on  effect. I have a number of lighting solutions and rigs I’ve created and am happy to discuss what can be achieved  on varying budgets.

Data: I have a comprehensive knowledge of managing a production workflow and can streamline/optimise delivery as needed.


Regarding tools, I have used/hired most of the ever expanding range available and don’t favour one over another as all have their strengths and weaknesses. Amazing results can be achieved with most of the tools on the market so great ideas come first. I own an extensive range of production and post production kit.

Rite of Rosemary (password: nr)

Recent Projects

  • 2019 Short for feature funding “Raven House” by Stephen Southouse
  • 2018 Short “Time Poverty” by Kev Hopgood
  • 2018 Trailer “Coaches” by Stewart McKie
  • 2017 Music videos for the launch EP for the singer ET.
  • 2017 Drama: “It’s In the Trees” 4K Feature, Sony FS5 – Ray Brady
  • 2016 Doc: “How to Feed a City” HD Feature, Sony FS5 + FS700 – Flixels
  • 2016 Drama: “A Christmas Claret” HD Short, Sony FS700 – Dan Webb
  • 2016 Doc: “Fade Away” 4K Feature, Sony FS700 – Evonne Fu, Filmed in China
  • 2015 Drama: “Siblings” 4K Short, Sony FS700 – Jamie Petrie
  • 2015 Drama: “Blackout” 2K Short, Sony FS700 – Dan Webb
  • 2015  WW1 Drama: “Jerusalem” 2K Short, Red Epic – Sam Prudence
  • 2015 Drama: “Toxic Hearts” 2K Short, Arri Alexa – Sam Siegel
  • 2015 Drama: “Lighthouse” 2K Short, Arri Alexa – Sebastien Blanc
  • 2015 Thriller: “Spirit” 2K Feature – Shooting in Japan and UK.
  • 2014 Thriller: “The Rite of Rosemary” 2K Short – Dan Webb
  • 2014 Comedy: “House Share” HD Web Series – K Eaton and D James
  • 2014 Thriller: “Nothing & Everywhere” HD trailer – Gordon Films
  • 2014 Horror: “Wood” 4K short, RED – Flixels
  • 2014 Drama: “Result” HD short – Azeem Khan
  • 2014 Horror: “Morana – Goddess of Death” 2K – Dogbird
  • 2013 Drama: “Persona” TV app series – Nic Penrake
  • 2013 Horror: “6 feet under” short – Flixels
  • 2013 Horror: “Ridley’s Corner” short – Olga Matkovska – Winner of Best Horror – Cannes Short Film Festival 2014
  • 2013 Horror: “Corrupted” – Flixels
  • 2013 Comedy: “Headlock Security” (imdb) – Dogsky Films

In Development

  • Feature  “Nothing & Everywhere” by Nigel Gordon