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Cote Restaurant Internal Promo
Cote Restaurant Internal Promo
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Cote Restaurants

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School Promo

Swanbourne School
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Showreel - Drama


Showreel - Jib

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ET Music Video

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Pandemonia 65s

I can research, develop and shoot video content for on-platform, broadcast, documentary, social, corporate and commercial fields.

I can give creative direction or just shoot to brief. I have been involved in idea development for marketing and original news, feature and multimedia journalism along with my strong shooting and editing skills.

I can work in high pressure situations to tight deadlines at short notice and can conduct my own risk assessment. I have on occasions worked in high risk circumstances.

I regularly work both nationally and internationally. I am a native english speaker and can work with a  translator/fixer as needed.

Specialist Skills/knowledge

Aerial: This includes permission for aerial work from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, similar permissions/exemptions are obtainable for overseas work. I can fly both unmanned aerial systems and handheld gimbals. And yes just as happy on a tripod.

Lighting: Since contemporary cameras shoot in very low light, the skill of lighting is now freed to focus on  effect. I have a number of lighting solutions and rigs I’ve created and am happy to discuss what can be achieved  on varying budgets.

Data: I have a comprehensive knowledge of managing a production workflow and can streamline/optimise delivery as needed.

Recent projects include:

  • Retigo Corporate
  • Feature pickups to complete “Alive” – David Marantz
  • Short for feature funding “Raven House” – Stephen Southouse
  • BAE – UAV Challenge – Spectrecom Films
  • Sports kit promo – LeonTV
  • Swanbourne House School promo – Movies Darling
  • BBC British Born Chinese – doc by Lu Wang
  • ET x8 launch music videos
  • The Clockwork Orange – Film by Flixels
  • Borderline – Film by Anna Alfieri
  • Cote Restaurants – Promo – Re.fresch Global
  • It Is Not One Way – Documentary by David Kenny
  • Fade Away – Documentary shot in China
  • John Mclaren Golf Caddy – Documentary
  • Heston Blumental – Sage By Heston
  • CMI – FT Book launch
  • ICAEW – Financial Director Conference (90sTV)
  • CMI – FT Book launch
  • Episode 8: Reading – Brilliant Britain, Community Channel
  • Sir John Madejski Interview – Brilliant Britain, Community Channel
  • CMI corporate Interviews
  • Funny Women Awards
  • 65th International Motor Show, Franfurt: Hornet TV
  • Nissan Leaf Launch, O2 London: Hornet TV
  • EU Emissions Debate, Newcastle: Hornet TV
  • Documentary: fathers4justice meet George Galloway @parliament
  • Documentary: Green Hornet with Cat Dow
  • Music: Night Train gigs @ Brighton Festival
  • Film: Headlock Security. Dogsky Films
  • Film: Corrupted Film, @ Flixels
  • Documentary: Pandemonia (Artist)
  • Documentary: RAW. Wine Labelling.
  • Animation: Isle of Mann tourist board.
  • Documentary: “Debut Contemporary” – a different opportunity for emerging artists
  • Documentary: Chris Edwick, artist.
  • Fashion promo: Romero Bryan AW
  • Comedy TV Pilot: “Meet the McKensies”.
  • Comedy TV Pilot: “work”
  • Commercial: Heather Hamilton handbags.
  • Mommie Dearest – Music Video (x2)